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Cyber Security Observatory Europe – 4th Edition


Atempo is once again in the spotlight for its role as seasoned player in defending businesses and organizations from cybercriminal activities.

We are proud to feature in this 4th Edition of the Observatory Europe, with an article highlighting the European Cloud Challenge to guarantee that data of 700 million citizens is stored in Europe, operated by European players, thus providing security, compliance, and governance.

The increasing strength of cyberattacks shows that data remains vulnerable even in the cloud, and that to protect it, companies need to increase controls and security. This is impossible without a 100% European sovereign and trusted solution.

At a glance
  • The revelations on how Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to access 87 million global users’ data during the 2016 US presidential...
  • The challenge for Europe is to develop its own sovereign solutions that guarantee that the data is stored in Europe, operated by...
  • The 2018 Cloud Act authorizes the US government to access emails and digital data stored on US servers, regardless of their...

Atempo provides valuable content and highlights that data hosting is a crucial issue for Europe. Some highly sensitive data, such as banking or health data, must be secured and stored in a trusted environment close to the users.  Today, only a 100% European cloud solution can offer these levels of security.

In addition, European offers have several assets: they guarantee a high level of data security, GDPR compliance, proximity and technological quality at very competitive prices. In addition, European regulations require providers to have transparent pricing and lower outbound or inbound costs than their competitors.

The link of the Observatory is right here (Atempo page 74-77) :

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