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Atempo, winners of the 2019 Cyber Security Awards

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Acquisition International Magazine have recently announced the winners of the 2019 Cyber Security Awards.

The importance and reliance on digital technology is growing alongside theneed for a secure environments. The success of the cybersecurity industry attests to the growing list of victims of cyber attacks. All developing technology must de designed with embedded and effective security in its core.

Research predicts worldwide spending on Cyber Security will rise dramatically in the coming years.

This rise is driven by company and individual innovation dedicated to strengthen data integration. Striving for success without high standards of Cyber Security will mean digitally-based organizations would struggle to function.

We have created the Cyber Security Awards to honor those companies who have gone above and beyond in this highly active and competitive sector.


Atempo is Proud to be a Winner of the 2019 Cyber Security Awards

Commenting on the success of the deserving winners, Steve Simpson, Awards Coordinator, said: “Cyber Security is vital in today’s technology driven market, and as such, we at Acquisition International Magazine are proud to be able to showcase the an expertly-chosen selection of the best of the best from across the industry. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my winners my congratulations and best wishes for the future.”


"Atempo is very proud to receive the Cyber Security European award for Best Data Protection & Restore Software. We are witnessing increased levels of cybercrime that even industry-leading protection cannot always combat. Often, when machines and software are locked down or destroyed, our customers turn to us for help restoring their most precious asset: their data."

Luc D’Urso CEO, Atempo


Over and above our role as an authentic and effective rampart against cyber attacks, Atempo is a leading player in the global cybersecurity sector promoting best practices and forming partnerships with public and private corporation. We remain at the forefront of this ongoing battle. As a member of the ACYMA group, Atempo actively supports the government's anti-cybercrime unit: and assumes the role of Vice President at the HEXATRUST association. 

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