Atempo featured in the Cyber Security Observatory UK


Atempo is once again in the spotlight for its role as seasoned player in defending businesses and organizations from cybercriminal activities.

We are proud to feature in this UK Edition with an article highlighting that Data is All!
And the question of its protection is crucial.

No one is denying that data has become the most important asset for any organization.

Data is the lifeblood irrigating the enterprise to achieve the goals: doing business, satisfying customers, taking decisions to drive teams and activity.

During times of geopolitical and economic insecurity, our experts provide valuable content and advice to best manage potentially crucial data sets in the long term.

The link of the Observatory is right here (Pages 52-54) :

Reading time : 3 min

Topics: Company News, Cyber Startup Observatory, Cybersecurity, Infos Societe, allevents

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