Atempo featured in the Cyber Security Observatory Europe


As a key player in defending businesses and organizations from cybercriminal activities, Atempo is proud to feature in the 7th edition of Cyber Startup Observatory Europe edition with an expert opinion highlighting immutable data backup storage can thwart even the severest ransomware attacks.

In 2021, according to Sophos, 11% of all businesses paid out over $1m in ransomware payments to either recover their data or prevent stolen data from being made public on the dark web. More than ever, investing not only in foiling attacks, but also in ways of retrieving useable and unencrypted data should be at the heart of any global anti-ransomware strategy.

Even if a ransomware attack gains access to your data ecosystem and encrypts precious folders and files -including backups- you still retain access to healthy data.

Industry backup best practices recommend a 3-2-1-1 strategy where you have 3 copies of your data on two different media (disk and tape for example) with one copy off-site for disaster recovery. The final “1” is the immutable copy.

The content is available by clicking here. 

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