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Atempo featured in the Cyber Security Observatory Africa

blog-CSO-AfricaAtempo is once again in the spotlight for its role as seasoned player in defending businesses and organizations from cybercriminal activities.

We are proud to feature in this African Edition with an article highlighting that anything can happen at any time and it often does. It’s a phenomenon coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb: "The Black Swans".
With this image, the statistician evokes unpredictable events which we do not expect. Recent times have seen plenty of black swans. Endemic ransomware attacks that spare no one, a 
data center fire, a gaping hole in a messaging system widely used by businesses...

Atempo delivers valuable content and advice to avoid suffering irreparable consequences if "The Black Swan" lands in your data center, and provides answers and tools that meet these best practices for all sizes of business.

The link of the Observatory is right here :

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