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Wasabi & Atempo Partner to Deliver Simple and Affordable Cloud Backup Solution with Tina

Boston, MA – March 30, 2021 - Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, announces a partnership with Atempo, a leading independent European-based software vendor, to offer simple and affordable cloud backup solutions for mission critical data sets with large volumes. The combination of Atempo’s Tina platform with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage infrastructure provides a flexible, reliable, and affordable solution for data protection in the cloud.

Today, organizations must manage more critical data than ever before; from a few petabytes to more than one exabyte. Traditional solutions have proven ill-equipped to keep up with these demands. To ensure increasing volumes of critical information are always securely backed up, organizations require new, advanced data protection capabilities.

Atempo simplifies the protection, management, and archiving of digital assets on any platform, across any infrastructure over any period of time. Tina provides comprehensive backup and restore functionality across multiple platforms, both physical and virtual (applications, databases, NAS, Office 365, and more).

Both companies have significant experience in high-capacity data environments with verticals such as life sciences, genomic research, automotive industries, particle physics, and media & entertainment for their respective expertise in petascale data protection and cloud storage. Atempo also has a firm foothold in the public and government sphere.

Benefits from the joint solution include simplified backup externalization and replication to the cloud, full scalability with Tina’s global administration interfaces simplifying the creation and configuration of backup storages policies. Tina’s security integrations and open format approach mean that data stored on the Wasabi Cloud is safe, accessible, and rapidly recoverable. Tina meets a wide range of requirements in terms of data volumes, different file sizes, file formats, storage technologies and workflows.

This new partnership allows the flexibility to use best-of-breed cloud services without financial penalties and provides the freedom to select the best fit for their business without vendor lock-in,” said Jim Donovan, SVP, Product from Wasabi. “Selecting Wasabi for cloud storage creates an immediate economic advantage for partners and customers already using Atempo. Simply add Wasabi as one of the data storage destinations and immediately lower your storage costs and take advantage of this new opportunity.”  

"We are excited with this collaboration between our both companies to provide a reliable and robust end-to-end solution. Tina is an innovative solution best-known for its high performance and versatility. This new initiative allows Atempo’s global customers access to a much-awaited cloud backup service that can host backup projects." added Louis-Frédéric Laszlo, Director of Product Management.

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