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The European interviews Luc d'Urso, CEO of Atempo


Massy, France – 11th February, 2021

For the fourth video in the remote interview series, The European interviewed Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo. Luc spoke about the recent increase in cyber security breaches and how Atempo is helping its customers to stay ahead of the threat. He also offered advice to SMEs looking to protect themselves, how to assess 3rd party’s cyber defences and vulnerability. Named ‘Best CEO in Cybersecurity’ in Europe in The European’s 2020 award scheme, Luc was pleased to explain a little about Atempo’s research and development, the fruitful partnerships they have undertaken and how their work is playing a vital role in the path towards European digital sovereignty.

Summary of the video : 

0:00​ Intro
01:00​ Has their been an increase in cybercrime?
02:40​ How are Atempo helping companies to safe?
03:55​ Can Atempo help companies back up their data?
04:58​ Tell us about the programs Tina and Miria
08:30​ What advice can you give to SMEs?
10:02 What advice can you give on assessing third party suppliers?
11:45​ Why is cyber security an ongoing issue for business?
15:47​ How important is research and development in cybersecurity?
17:27​ How does Atempo achieve such successful partnerships?
19:10​ How is Atempo involved in European Digital Sovereignty?



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