Press Release: Atempo and Scality announce a powerful joint solution to strengthen enterprise cyber resiliency


Atempo and Scality announce a powerful joint solution to strengthen enterprise cyber resiliency 

Paris, France — March 19, 2024 — Atempo, a leading European software manufacturer of data protection and data management solutions, and Scality, a global leader in cyber-resilient storage for the AI era, today announced a powerful new joint solution built to deliver end-to-end data protection with Scality RING’s petabyte-scale S3 object storage software and Atempo’s Miria backup application. 

Customers can now achieve a swift and efficient air-gapped backup process to tape for massive datasets that require protection at scale in large complex environments. The new solution accommodates high data change rates for billions of files and storage capacities ranging from a petabyte to hundreds of petabytes. The collaboration leverages Miria’s vast compatibility guide to seamlessly store any dataset to an offsite tape backup.

To accomplish the highly efficient backup process, Scality developed a new “Bucket Event Notification” mechanism, leveraged by Atempo. This innovative approach replaces the traditional time-consuming scan of the entire storage and instead provides a list of the newly uploaded or removed objects from the Scality S3 storage instance used by Atempo Miria to perform incremental backups.

"Our partnership with Atempo showcases Scality's commitment to storage innovation and its vital role in cyber resiliency," stated Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality. "Close integration with Miria, Atempo's backup solution, and our S3-compatible storage offers businesses an unparalleled approach to data management. Together, we aim to provide customers with innovative tools for navigating the evolving data storage and management landscape, especially in light of new use cases such as AI.”

Together, we strive to offer customers innovative tools to navigate the evolving data storage and management landscape, especially in light of new applications like AI.


A solution born from customer demand 

This exciting collaboration was initiated by a high-profile customer: a large defense agency managing 20 PB+ (potentially into exabytes) of confidential data on Scality RING, with a substantial daily change rate. Due to security constraints, cloud storage was not an option, making backup to an extensive tape library necessary. Utilizing the new bucket event notification feature, Miria enables fast and efficient daily incremental backups, seamlessly fitting into the agency's backup windows. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced data protection window
  • Air-gapped backup copy of data
  • Faster recovery time in case of a disaster (RTO)


Future collaborations include new tiering capability

The next milestone in the joint Atempo Scality development effort is to deliver a powerful tiered storage solution (ILM), combining RING's new filesystem tiering capabilities with Miria's data movement capabilities. This collaborative effort enables automated data transfer from the RING S3 storage to a cold archive. This mechanism in complex environments replaces the moved files with shortcuts (stubs), allowing users and applications to retrieve data from the cold tier transparently.


Availability of the joint solution

The integration of Scality's petabyte-scale RING S3 compatible storage with Atempo Miria's backup solution for massive datasets is now available for all customers. Development of the second milestone is anticipated for Summer 2024.

Atempo and Scality continue to push the boundaries of storage innovation, providing customers with advanced solutions to address evolving data management challenges. 


"Our collaboration with Scality brings a significant enhancement to the market at a time where cyber-resiliency at scale is in critical demand,” remarked Luc D'Urso, CEO of Atempo. "This strategic partnership underscores our dedication to deliver innovative data management solutions. Integrating Scality's storage with Miria empowers businesses to seamlessly safeguard massive datasets, setting new standards for data protection and storage efficiency." 

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