What are your predictions for European tech in 2021? Luc D'Urso for ECA


"The main growth area for data in the next decade is business. The accelerated digitalization of public and private organizations, the inevitable democratization of applications based on artificial intelligence, the multiplication of connected and autonomous objects and vehicles are all rivers that are contributing to raising the level of this ocean of professional data."

Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo.Wooxo Group, delivered his predictions for European Tech in 2021, during his interview with Emma Neige, from #ECA Community

Sovereignty, pandemics, cybercrime, digitalization, infrastructure,… are all covered in this interesting perspective.

Some of the questions covered by Luc: 

  • To what extent does Europe stand out from its competitors in this field? What are the particularities of the European market? Advantages/disadvantages?
  • What are your predictions for European tech in 2021?
  • With digitalization and digitalization on the rise in 2020, are European companies seizing the opportunity? 
  • Who are the major players in the sector for you? Are they actively collaborating? 
  • Do your predictions for 2021 tend towards an acceleration of this collaboration? Which areas do you think will flourish the most in the near future?
  • Which areas do you think will prosper the most in the near future?

Discover Luc's comments here : ECA Perspectives 2021 

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