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Atempo Wasabi - Cloud Storage Offer

Atempo and Wasabi partner to offer best-of-breed cloud storage for petascale data management

Paris, 14th April, 2020 - Atempo, the Data Management software vendor, today announces a partnership with Wasabi, to offer a petascale data management solution for mission critical data sets with large volumes.

The combination of Atempo’s Miria platform with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage infrastructure provides total flexibility for cloud data management requirements, and large data sets can be hosted, stored, replicated, and recovered at any time through Wasabi’s platform.

Both companies are recognized as leaders in high performance computing sectors such as life sciences, genomics, biotech, and media & entertainment for their respective expertise in data management and cloud storage requiring petascale data. Benefits from the joint solution include simplified backup externalization and replication to the cloud, full interoperability via the S3 protocol utilization, and scalability to manage petascale data volumes.


“This new partnership allows the flexibility to use best-of-breed cloud services without financial penalties and provides the freedom to select the best fit for their business without vendor lock-in,” said David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “Selecting Wasabi for cloud storage creates an immediate economic advantage for partners and customers already using Atempo. Simply add Wasabi as one of the data storage destinations and immediately lower your storage costs and take advantage of this new opportunity.” 

This new synergy allows Atempo’s global customers access to a much-awaited cloud backup service that can host backup and archiving projects at fast speeds, affordable rates, and with complete reliability and scalability.

"We are delighted with this collaboration between our two teams to provide a reliable and robust end to end solution. Miria is an innovative solution best-known for its high performance and powerful technology. Miria is designed to meet the growing needs of our customers and partners for migration, backup or archiving of very large volumes of data. Wasabi offers more velocity than AWS S3 with a lower cost than Glacier. Our combined technologies create a very attractive offer for “petavore” businesses." added Luc d’Urso, CEO of Atempo

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