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Atempo raises €8 million to strengthen technological advances

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Atempo, European data protection leader, with a global presence, has just completed an 8-million euro funding round to significantly boost the R&D teams for Miria, their latest solution dedicated to the protection and migration of very large volumes of data.
This operation is jointly coordinated with IdVectoR, a deep tech long term investor and a banking pool comprising LCL, HSBC, Société Générale and the BPI (French Public Investment Bank).

Atempo is committed to building a sovereign digital Europe with a solid foothold in Europe, the USA and Asia. The company protects the highly sensitive data of several key French ministries and public bodies plus thousands of very demanding customers around the world.

“Our new Miria platform, developed for customers managing from a few hundred terabytes to several exabytes, is enjoying strong growth in many sectors: media, life science research, industrial design, autonomous vehicle construction, aviation, banking…  together with partnerships signed with a host of high-performance storage vendors including DDN, Qumulo and Huawei. This confirms our vision is bearing fruit and will continue to drive our solution roadmap and confirm our technological leadership,” declared Cyprien Roy, Atempo COO.

To allow customers rise to challenges posed by Big Data management, last February Atempo opened an Artificial Intelligence (AI) laboratory research center called NextIno in Orleans, central France.

«Neural networks and, more widely, artificial intelligence technologies, are creating a revolution in data storage management. The highly dynamic tools we are developing will assist our customers and strengthen their control over their growing and diversified data sets. It’s an unique opportunity for an agile player to shake up the existing order” adds Luc d’Urso, Atempo CEO. “And we intend to leverage the level of excellence in data science available in France to continue to propose an alternative to our US competitors. The royalty financing model proposed by IdVectoR is proof of the confidence in our growth perspectives for a European firm specializing in highly advanced technologies.”

The Atempo-Wooxo Group has its worldwide HQ and the majority of Atempo teams in Massy just south of Paris. Orleans in the heart of the Loire Valley is home to NextIno, its AI research lab. Wooxo has been based since its creation in 2010 in La Ciotat on the Côte d’Azur. Last June, the economic development agency, Rising Sud, awarded the Atempo-Wooxo group the French Tech label for innovative firms with very high growth rates.


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