Atempo and NextIno, an AI research center for innovation in data movement and protection

The Atempo-Wooxo Group, specialists in digital data protection announce today the opening of NextIno, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) center dedicated to innovative data protection and R&D.

A Working environment ideal for creativity and innovation

logo-nextino-couleurNextIno is part of the LAB’O project in the heart of a digital start-up center in Orleans. THe LAB'O is connected to the regions universitaties and is recognized for its excellence in math and computer science. The LAB'O house around 100 startups in 14 000 m² of space including a programmers school. The building has been entirely renovated and designed to offer the best possible environment for collective intelligence and workplace wellbeing.

Straight from the outset NextIno will employ a pioneering team of five data scientists led by NextIno MD Bernard Peultier. Their work will concentrate on analytical support, machine learning, deep machine learning and AI for data management, protection and migration solutions for large and very large data volumes.

Gartner recently predicted that Augmented Data Management will reduce data managment tasks by up to 45% by 2022. NextIno's solutions will give companies automated management functionality to ensure optimal data access, exploitation, movement and storage. 

LAB'O NextIno Orleans France

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