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Atempo is proud to be a TOP 5 backup solution for Microsoft Hyper-V


The 2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solutions report, released on April 14 by The Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG), unveils the TOP 5 backup solutions that organizations should consider for protecting their applications, data, and workloads hosted on Microsoft Hyper-V.

It provides guidance on the TOP 5 backup solutions organizations should consider to meet their Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V backup requirements. The report is available for free download with registration.

Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Solutions

The general categories under which the features evaluated for these Microsoft Hyper-V backup solutions fell included:

  • Backup administration
  • Backup capabilities
  • Configuration, licensing and princing
  • Recovery and restore
  • Service and support. 

Based on these criteria, DCIG awarded Atempo as one of the TOP5 Microsoft Hyper-V backup solution providers.

The report is available by clicking here.

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