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Vacation time? Perhaps. But not for my data!



It’s that time of year again when many of us down tools and take some hard-earned leave. On the beach, in the mountains, relaxing at home...

And back at the office, the IT systems are working fine. Mail server - OK. Network – OK. Data Center air conditioning – OK. Enterprise backup – OK. Hold on a second, am I sure I provisioned enough storage on the NAS ? Are there enough tapes in the library ? What about my cloud back up subscription ? Oh, and I hope the Finance Director doesn’t drop her laptop into the pool again (remember last summer?).

Managing IT in general can be tough. And managing data protection in particular can cause some sleepless nights and even disrupted vacation time. At Atempo, we are aware of this and have listed 4 reasons why your future time off will remain, well, off! Take your pick of these solutions for some additional holiday reading:

1/ Remote machine and laptop protection. Giving the power back to the user!

People on the move, data on a single local disk a million miles from a network share or backup. Deleted files, lost computers, stolen computers. The risks and consequences are high and well documented.

Atempo’s Live Navigator endpoint backup solution provides CDP (Continuous Data Protection) from one to many thousands of laptops and other roaming/remote machines. The beauty of Live Navigator is the simplicity and rapidity of the restoration procedure. Navigate back in time to just before the laptop theft, data loss or virus attack and click to restore to the same machine or even a new machine. What’s great about this from the perspective of a relaxing time on the beach is that users can recover their own data.

For more on Live Navigator, learn about how Phil the IT guy, saved his boss prior to a crucial presentation.

- Now pass me the sun tan lotion please!

2 / Cloud, cloud, cloud. That’s all we hear about today.

Cloud – not something you want too much of on holiday! The 100% cloud backup solution you’ve been looking at can eat into a big chunk of your budget. Whilst cloud back up is a definite part of the current and future data protection landscape, there is an ongoing and major need for on-premise protection. Many of our customers stress the need for hybrid backup solutions- at the very least ensure you have at least backup copies in at least different locations.

Atempo, with the addition of the Synerway backup and recovery appliance, have added a genuine on-premise solution (12 TB to 260 TB) with full externalization to LTO media and libraries, RDX and, yes you guessed it: to the cloud!

- The weather forecast suddenly got a whole lot better!

3/ Synchronizing data to the new NAS we’ve just bought

After the summer break, the new high volume, high performing NAS is arriving. Great. About time. One minor snag is going to be the migration of ever more data from the old NAS to the new one. This time we’re up to 500 TB and counting. I have colleagues who are already members of the petabyte club. Moving this amount of data is increasingly long. 500 TB over a 1 gbps link takes several months. There’s got to be a better way, right?

Funny you should ask. Atempo’s ADA data migration services lets you to deploy an army of data moving servers for the time required to shift data from one storage to another. With no data loss, no service stoppage or outage. Reduce times from months to days and save money.

More on this here.

- Siesta time!

4/ We really need to back up our unstructured file data but it’s just too costly

Large NAS storage protection is often just about leveraging snapshots. NDMP backups just don’t cut it any more over a certain size/number of files. So the end result is data which is replicated but not backed up. The only way forward with genuine backup is to use incremental forever with full access control and inbuilt storage management. Atempo’s ADA solution hits the spot again with very fast and secure backups for petabyte scale storage. We’re vendor agnostic too.

Start backing up critical unstructured data to disk, object storage, tape and cloud because impossible just became possible.

- Think it’s time for a gentle walk along the beach...


Happy holidays to all!

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